Saturday, May 9, 2015

I am Coming Home to You

She kissed him passionately when he left
for war,
He dreamed of her lips and yearned for

Her letters came often telling of her love and
how much she missed him,
Her sweet love words made his head swim.

Long were the battles and bloody death calls
from his friends who died,
Some fell by his side as he fought and cried.

His only lifeline he hung onto~ her love
letters with each word branded on his heart,
Her sweetness seem to float above him~ to
promise never again would they be apart.

A sniper shot him on his 450th day in battle and
for months he lie in the hospital fighting for his
He dreamed only about his Sweetheart, his wife.

Finally, on the Greyhound bus home~ to surprise her,
When he walked into his home~ it was empty,
not a stir.

Quietly, he walked upstairs towards her voice,
He would make sweet love to her~if that was
her choice.

Opening the bedroom door with a smile,
His heart stopped beating and his breath was
gone for a while.

His precious wife was in bed with another man,
And, all he could do was stare and stand.

In those seconds his heart turned to stone,
He walked away from her---their love was gone.

His whiskey bottle became his best friend,
Because~never empty and it never left his hand.

Yes, she ran after him and tried to talk to him at
every town event,
However, when a love dies---second chances are
not meant.

Forgiveness did not live in his heart of hurt and
His wife and Whiskey killed him~they were to

His parents stood on the cold Georgia ground~their
hearts frozen,
The preacher’s words were heart-wrenchingly

Their sweet trusting boy lies underneath the icy
Georgia clay,
His wife and Whiskey took him away.

She stood dressed in black with tears falling, but
not a care for her~ whom they blamed,
No one called her name, nor, cared if she cried as
his love ones felt maimed.

She stood alone over his grave, and talked softly so
no one could see,
Walk slowly my darling---I will be with you soon
---please my love wait for me.

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PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if it is seen anywhere else on
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Gladiator Mystic Warrior of my Daydreams

When one’s professional life is lived by rote,
And your love life seems remote.
Your head is ringing from a busy morning,
Rush, hurry, get it finished, blood pressure rising
---should be a warning.

I will divulge my secret but promise not to share,
Because this my office friends---is my clandestine 
daytime affair.

Do not take a coffee break,
Stay in your office for your
pleasure’s sake.

Close your eyes and take a
deep breath,
And let all your worries have a
sudden death.

Blow out your stress, and put a
smile on your face,
Because my elicit daydream will
make your heart race.

---You are there---
It is Twilight in the forest in a land far away,
And a new dawn is breaking, as the
sun bashfully appears---and between the
Major Oaks a wondrous sight is stealthfully
riding his mighty black steed on this foggy day.

His dark long shiny hair barely touches
his armor,
Blue eyes seriously searching all about
---as the filtering sunlight through the
trees rebounds as if to shout---I am a Charmer.

He comes here every day on my break,
To meet me for my sake.

I run to him in a long lacy lavender
day dress, he lifts me up and whirls me around,
With a passionate kiss that last until my
feet are on the ground.

His muscular arms so rippled with strength
---as he pulled me tight to his chest in an
armor less hug,
I could only smile and shrug.

“How are you today, my Darling?” he solicited,
I could not answer---just a staring pout as I elicited.

“My lips will find out what vexes my Precious today”
Then he kissed me to the grassy forest floor and I 
wanted much more---but time was over and I had 
to go away.

He stood so handsome and still showed his passionate
But he stood fast by his steed.

Watching as I ran back into the future to work,
Back to my office, messages, appointments, meetings
---it makes me irk.

This is my main office benefit----of an overactive mind
That will twist one’s worries into a dead vine.

The rest of the busy day cannot stress you out,
Because tonight this daydream---will give you another 

And in my nightly dreams he will appear,
Then stay all night---I have no fear.

Now what we need is a time machine,
So I can go back in time and be his Queen.

But for now---I can only boast,
My Gladiator/Warrior is the most.

Stress is not in my vocabulary,
I am waiting for the Time Machine---so we can marry.

There will be no other---no never---sometimes one may 
hear my screams,
I will wait forever, for My Gladiator mystic warrior of my 

© BEPH 2015 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Wake Me with Your Lips Darling

Let the pages of an old sweetheart lie,
Leave the regrets in the past to die,
Make my body groan and never ask why,
Let your lips take me to the sky.

To kiss an Angel’s white plumage wing,
Your zeal makes my heart sing,
Please give me your love by spring,
Don’t just gift me with a diamond ring.

Lips that are trailing along my thigh,
Takes by breath---suddenly---created a sigh,
My lips are swollen and I want to cry,
Because around you I am a little shy.

If you care a little---just share,
When you smile my heart does care,
Our madness for each other is not a dare,
Look gently with your blue eyes---not stare.

Lift my spirit from the abyss,
Don’t leave me with just a passionate kiss,
Let my heart and soul make a final wish,
Just two wrapped bodies--soaring in a loving bliss.

So my Darling sleep a while-- then wake me with your lips,
Softly with tiny loving nips,
From our love nectar takes a few sips,
Toast to our future in paradise--- while planning our love trips.

As mortals we feast here for a short dine,
On this earth we live on a minuscule vine,
Although our life is sweeter than wine,
My love for you is intense and fine,

It feels so breathtaking---it is almost a crime.
My Darling kiss me awake in another time,
There are no minutes---just passionate sublime,
Wake me with your lips to hear our love chime.

Our magnificent love is not just a rhyme---
my Darling lost his heart to another

And I search for a new love---but find I cannot love any other.
He is not good enough for you---said my little brother.

I sit upon this rock overlooking the sea,
Praying the waves will bring him back to me,
What makes someone’s heart flee?

I see the angry dark sky over head,
I wonder if my Darling is lying in her bed.
It is not in me to wish her dead.

My heart skips two beats when a ship comes near,
I wait for him every day I fear,
I wish and wipe away a tear.

Another wants my hand in marriage,
He travels to me in a golden carriage,
Saying about my Darling he disparages.

What he does not know and I will not tell,
Only one love in my heart does dwell,
I cannot lie or I will go straight to Hell.

I watch the seagulls fishing for their meal,
The sea breeze blows against my body---if only sea salt could heal,
A broken heart---so I can again feel.

Ten years has passed and it is 1788,
If he returned now---my love still waits,
I dream I see him every night on the straits.

His ship is beached,
The shore he has reached,
But now he is my enemy that has breached.

The very walls of my heart and left his sword piercing into it,
While all my family is having a fit,
I just look into his blue eyes and continue to knit.

If nothing else I still will always be,
A true daughter of the sea,
And no man will ever know he has made my heart flee.

So I posted on all ships from the sea,
Attention: Lost Heart,

If found please bring it to me.
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PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if it is seen anywhere 
else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent. 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Walk with the Past

As I walked down an autumn trail,
My memories of long ago started to unveil.

I can feel his spirit as it walks with me,
He holds my hand and looks into my blue
eyes to see.

If love still lives in my heart for him,
Or has the love light become dim?
He kisses my hand with his masterful lips
so full and sweet a taste of long ago,
Does he think he is still my beau?

He left me when snow covered this land,
My emotion will not march to his band.

I once loved him with all my heart and soul,
To him--- my heart is now a piece of coal.

Only a letter he left me---no kiss, no hug,
Did he think I was his accommodating rug?

To walk upon my loving heart---his unfeeling
foot steps did hurt,
Like his unspoken words---and non-kissable lips
---to treat me like dirt.

And now he thinks his Extra Sensory Perception,
Can be sent in my direction.

I say get off my trail and out of my mind,
Your spirit can fly back into time to one who might
enjoy your insensitivities---you are not my kind.

So this therapeutic walk I have taken,
All hurts and bruises it has awakened,
and in my heart he has been forsaken.

My heart is free to love once more,
To all negativity I shut the door.

I feel the cool breeze playing with my hair,
As I leave the trail without a care.

To go home to my present love,
Sent from the Angels from above.

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Valentine Made with Love

Her little fingers shook as she cut the heart-shaped
Valentine out,
She worried he would not like something she made

---there was a doubt.

Her Valentine box was ready for each little Valentine
to pass through its slot--- in the top of her decorated
shoe box,
She printed with a green crayon---Will You Be Mine?
Circle Yes or No---that will be fine.

She made cards for all the other children in her First
Grade Class,
She placed a red ribbon on his Valentine Card, and
held it gently as if it were precious class.

The next morning all the children were excited when
the School Bell rang,
Today was a special day and her heart sang.

This feeling was as special as Christmas in her heart,
The children all seated closely---but apart.

The teacher said to place the Valentine Boxes on the
long table,
Each child’s name inset on their box---with a golden

The girls gave out their Valentine first, through each
slot they flew,
With the giggle level rising because the boys were
looking they knew.

Then the boys turn came last---and the girls watched
He stopped at her box and kissed the card from him.

Then he looked at her and smiled as her face turned red,
Because she was now the girlfriend of a boy named Fred.

He gave her half of his Hershey candy,
They ate in silence and he held her hand which felt dandy.

The teacher smiled as she watched young love bloom,
Happiness glowed in her First Grade Class room.

She remembered her First Grade Love and his Valentine,
And, she still had it---she thought and he is forever mine.

Young love can last until the end of time,
Sweet innocent love is sublime.

© BEPH 2015 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if it is seen anywhere
else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lightning Wolf Loved Morning Glory

Lightning Wolf was the handsomest warrior of all time,
His long large muscular legs instructed his Appaloosa,
by slight pressures as he rode his stallion, Spanish Lime.
His long black hair moved with the rhythm of his stallion---
in the morning breeze,
Muscles rippled and dimpled in his arms---as he led his
six pintos behind him with ease.

His face showed his serious concern for this day,
As he was asking Chief Running Bear for his daughter,
Morning Glory to marry--- come May.

He left his village early before the cook pots were lit,
His mother was so anxious for her son to have a bride;
she had an early morning fit.

The snowflakes waltz gracefully and sparkled in 
the early light,,
Icy multi-patterned flakes whirled around his handsome
head; a beautiful sight..

He thought of her loveliness, her creamy olive skin, 
which felt like silk,
Her amber eyes that could pull the very heart out 
of his chest, and then return it again for its life’s milk.

Morning Glory’s lips were full and passionate, as 
he remembered their----only kiss,
She was still a virgin, a prize beyond compare, 
and her innocence would only added to----their bliss.

He rushed without greeting the morning sun,
No time today---tomorrow that would be done.

On the hill overlooking her village---he stood still 
with his six pintos behind,
What he saw before him---he nearly lost his mind.

A wedding was happening between Owl Eyes and 
his Morning Glory,
His blood ran hot with rage, as he raced down to 
the village to find out the story.

Everyone, turned to face his approach---and Owl Eyes 
pointed to 12 horses---his gift to Chief Running Bear,
Whose look was not of surprise---but that he just did 
not care.

It made no difference to him, who Morning Glory married,
She was not his real child; she was the child his wife 
preciously carried.

Tears of hate and sadness inundated Morning Glory’s face,
This was the first time she hated her race.

Her mother ran to her side, and begged Chief Running 
Bear to stop the wedding now,
He laughed in her face and pushed her away---her tears 
he would not disavow.

No one could stop Lightning Wolf, as he stood on the 
cold hard ground,
He halted the wedding with his shot gun, a blast that 
echoed the sound.

Owl Eyes did not back down as three of his men behind
 him had spears and knives,
But Lightning Wolf was fast with his knife and strength of
many, as he ploughed through the enemy and took their lives.

Chief Running Bear was happy now---he had 18 horses, his 
old wrinkled face smiled as proof---no daughter and no wife,
Because she left the village with Lightning Wolf and Morning 

Glory--- she was starting a new life.
As sun set in all its magnificence wonder, Morning Glory and Lightning Wolf were inside their new teepee,
Where all their passionate love would create another life, this was their love nest where time was spent when they were not sleepy.
Many years later, their great grandchildren visited where the 
village once stood, so proud and successful, and a stone marker 
stands where Lightning Wolf and Morning Glory now rested their head,

Their spirits were long gone to the Hunting Ground in the sky to ride 
the White Buffalo it is read.

© BEPH 2015 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent. 

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