Saturday, December 27, 2014

Loves Sweet Spirit

Once in a lifetime I’ve heard it said,
Without true love---one’s heart is dead.

Tender looks of wishful yearning,
Kept her passion forever turning.

Softly his fingers visited her silky skin,
Moaning her lips located his again.

Slow dancing so sweetly tore him apart,
Her soft closeness filled his heart.

When the “Tennessee Waltz” ended,
His heart descended.
Her blue eyes question his intention,                           
His full masterful lips took hers in retention.

The music had stopped---but they danced on,
They waltzed until dawn.

She looked at the light of day,
Then she ran away.

He watched her run from him,
But return she would---when the light was dim.

Because she was an Angel who came back into his life,
On this lonely Island---she had drowned years before
---as his wife.

He never left--- each day as the sun slipped away,
She danced into his arms---he held on tight so she would stay.

True love never dies---an emotion of its own,
It will leave you bruised---and make you groan.

A spirit love she can only be,
They consummated their love by the sea.

Every day he waited for her soft voice,
What else---he had no choice.

To leave without her---he never contemplated,

Their hopes, dreams and lifetime were outdated.

Their spirits lived on for hundreds of years,
All who heard the sad story were in tears.

Two markers showed where they rest,
Under a Palm tree---where above the white doves nest.

On his weather-beaten marker was half a heart,
And craved on hers was the other half---to never be apart.

They still dance every night as the white doves coo,
At the sound of his voice saying---Darling---I love you.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

His Whispers Live in My Heart

Stormy evening I walk on the cliff edges overlooking--- the violent briny waves,
I ponder about so many hearts---calling out---from their watery graves.

Poseidon the Greek God of the sea,
I called to him---many times---bring my Darling Pirate back to me.

You do not need him in your salty waters,
Find other pirates for your saline daughters.

His ship is named after me---Dark Lady---solid vessel of beauty,
And dark because I am sad when he leaves me---for his duty.

Time has gone now---past any family we could create,
Forsaking other men---I still wait.

A hopeless dreamer I am told,
Speaks the uncouth but---extremely bold.

His voice has not faded with the years,
Memories of his dark eyes that shined with love--- brings many tears.

My fingers desire to touch---his masterful lips,
That captured mine---so sweetly—my heart now rips.

Imprinted memories of his arms so strong around my soft frame,
My body recalls the feelings---without shame.

When the lightning strikes over the sea at night,
I can see the Dark Lady riding the waves--- until it is daylight.

I beckon Poseidon to send you to me---for I am very ill,
On this turbulent night---I stand and plead from the highest hill.

And through the breakers appears a sail---with a black flag,
Whipping in the storm---it appeared to be just a rag.

The closer it came---I could see the words---Dark Lady,
Could it be My Darling in the moonlight---just maybe?

His whispers from my heart were loud and clear,
I have come for you---my Sweetheart---my Dear.

My spirit left my old body---I no longer needed---lying
on the foam-covered salty rocks,
My spirit is young and beautiful now---minus all time clocks.

Life is worth living now with my Pirate and me,
Happily we sail---the now tranquil---turquoise sea.

I thanked Poseidon when I saw him years later upon his oceans,
He bowed and waved so full of his own emotions.

My Darling Pirate is by my side,
To kiss and hold me, I am his pride.

Never give up I am thinking,
Watch for your lighthouse---it could be blinking,
To let you know a love is coming---it is not winking.
© BEPH 2013 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Until She Cried

She looked into his sea-green eyes,
Hoping his love for her was still alive

She cupped his handsome face in her hands,
She portrayed only her love---implying no demands.

She charted his face with her eyes of blue,
His hands were in her long blonde hair---then too.

She traced his lips,
With her silky-velvet fingertips.

She had to know if love still lived in his heart,
Before he left her---this time to be apart.

In the Twilight moments before it was dark,
She urgently looked-for---a tender spark.

She stood in the moonlight looking exquisitely forsaken,
She had only one heart to give---and it was taken.

She could heard his friend in the distance as they waited,
He knew this journey---she hated.

She knew his huge muscular body---had a heart inside,
Still he walked away---but none of her love died.

She tried to kiss his lips goodbye---but he turned his head,
Telling her their love was dead.

He gave her a quick look---then jumped on his bike,
She watched his Harley go out-of-sight---he and his friends were so alike.

She thought---I will never be his bride,
So dejected---she cuddle their baby closer to her side.

She was being strong---his jade eyes smiled looking up at her face,
She said--Mama will take care of you my darling---in this very place.

The baby cooed and smiled---until she cried,
For on this day a love had died.

In The later Years

Silence was reverent after the preacher prayed,
Lavender roses were softly placed on her coffin---now where she laid.

Her son was twenty now---very much of a man,
His jade eyes were shining with tears unshed---he
wiped them away with his huge hand.

In the shadows of a cherry tree---stood an older version of him,
A man whose jade eyes had not dimmed.

Everyone had left the grave site,
All but her son---he stood there until night.

The older man stayed in the dark shadows from the moon,
All night they stood---until the next day---it was noon.

Her son knelt and said, “Mama I will be back---I love you.”
Then the older man came forward and knelt too.

He asked her to forgive him for being a fool---then he cried in this quiet place,
Suddenly a warm soft breeze caressed his still handsome face---

Then he knew,
She had always loved him too.

Their son stood in the shadows watching his dad,
He had promised her forgiveness of him---but not now--- he was too sad.

They both walked out together---not a word was spoken,
They both knew her heart had been broken.

The older man got into his car,
He was tired and---his journey would be far.

Their son gave his dad a quick look---then jumped on his bike,
The father watched his son's Harley go out of site,

The last glimpse of his son would probably be his last---he sighed,

Until he cried.
PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of these poems and if they are seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Walk with My Darling

Her eyes never left her Jim’s face,

How could they now be in this place?


Their lifetime together was great for the most part---one could say,

Until their first child died at birth---it broke their hearts--- that sad day.


They worked the farm side-by-side,

Together they raised their seven boys

who---were their heart-felt pride.


The boys knew the labor of a farm,

They worked with their dad who also

taught them the land’s charm.


“Sons you have to respect the land and give it
what it should need,

or your farming efforts will not succeed.”


“Treat it like your Sweetheart, give her tender
care, feed her, and water
her---sweet talk her, so she will germinate your seed,

My Sons---this land is all you will ever need.”


Each evening at sunset Jim and Alice walked the path
to the pond hand-in-hand,

She was his woman and he was her man.


Their love was never threaten by cheating thoughts or

When they said “I do” it was without a retraction.


He called her “Mother” after the children came,

Growing up they never heard her first name.


The children heard them laughing, and saw them
holding hands,

As they talked and walked to their “Sweetheart Seat”

he made her years ago in their beginning plans.


He stopped and kissed her red and wrinkled hands

because they were lovely to Jim,

She held his hard callus one---she held on tight---as

she sang his favorite hymn.


He whispered her name, “Alice I love you with all my

heart and soul.”

She whispered back, “Jim, my darling I will love you
even after we are in the ground cold.”


The years flew by as the sons became men,

Five sons left the farm---to never farm again,


Two of the youngest stayed with their Mom
and Dad,

To farm and harvest and reap from the land,

These two young men took a farmer’s stand.


So they were never alone,

Happily in the summer their grandchildren
came home.


Jim's health failed first,

The sons got him a nurse.


Then the hospital time came next after his
95th Birthday,

The ambulance took Alice who rode with
her Jim that day,

she meant with him she wanted to stay.


She held his old wrinkled callus hand and kissed
each finger,

As the pain in her heart---did linger.


The seven sons stood at the end of his bed,

and each in turn kissed him bye on his cold forehead,

Then the doctor came in and said it was time for

Alice to leave---she refused and talked to her Jim

until his body was dead.


“My Darling Jim, take my hand and walk with me
once more,

And wait for me when you get to Heaven’s Door.”


“Walk slowing Jim and I will be there soon.”

The next day they found Alice in her bed she

had died in the late afternoon.


On their gravestones it read:

“Walk Slowly and Wait for Us”

And under was written each son’s name

And just baby for the one they lost.

Faithful Love Endures

The grandchildren faithfully visited and put
Sunflowers and Lavender Roses on Jim and
Alice’s graves.

When life ends on earth one’s spirit goes to the
land of the braves.


Each grandchild now grown with children of their

own---each child like a clone,

Making sure their lives will never be alone.


All the loves and joys,

From above are passed on to the great-grand boys.


Because loving spirits revisits their love ones on earth,

Until each are joined by them---for a rebirth.


Families’ devotion spins around in a circle of everlasting love,

Deeply blessed by---ancestors who are smiling from above.

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of these poems and if they are seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

She Watched Him Walk Away

She watched him walk away,
he never looked back, nor, did
he appear sad,

With her engagement ring in
his strong hand, he asked for it
while tears ran down her face,
another time she thought and
another place you will see me mad.

He married another, but happiness
evaded him, his marriage horizon
looked dim,
And, the fault laid on him.

He married again, and a baby made three,
But again the glow of happiness soon
He blamed others for the failures as they all


He would not accept their mistakes in life,
So he lived without a wife.

Years later as he looked up from his hospital bed,
there she stood in white as beautiful as ever, wishing she had not seen him now---his face turned red.

He told her of his unhappy life and of the baby
somewhere with his second wife,
He asked her for another chance to make her happy
as he tried to romance her with expensive gifts, flowers and chocolates
from his bed,

But instead; the second day of his hospital stay,
She turned her back on him, and he watched her walk away.

Karma does not care if you are poor or rich,

Karma is a bitch.

© BEPH 2014 All Rights

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PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

My September Lover

I’ll tell you of a time so long ago,

It was in the fall---before the freezing snow.

I walked through my parents’ back woods on
the farm,
 I’ve traveled the pathways many times---without
 fear or harm.

Colorful hues of leaves decorated the ground,
It proved impossible to walk without a sound.

The crunching leaves echoed beneath my feet,
Created a comforting noise---like personally to me
they greet.

A cool September breeze teased and tossed my
long blonde hair,
A warning sensation alerted my senses---I stopped
to stare.

There on the hilltop a man on a horse, stood silently
as a portrait in a frame,
His ebony hair curled over his collar, and his gray eyes
focused on me without shame.

No smile was present as far as I could see,
He began to move fast towards me.

I never felt fear until now---but I stood my ground,
And I watched him as he approached without a sound.

When he stopped, he called my name---Margareta---
then took my hand,
I looked into his eyes and saw where my future would be
----on another planet---with a desert of sand.

We met every day in September, our fall of the year,
He said: “I came to take you away with me, over the
mountains and many seas, we will fly through space in my ship.”
To always be with my lover Zulio from another time
made me deliriously happy to know he's always near.

He said three Septembers would be our courting time
before he was mine,
But he wanted to take me with him this time.

The months flew by----but not fast enough---until it was
September once more,
And there he was on the hill top waiting---the man I adore.

This September we spent in sharing our lives, we talked,
made love under the moonlight as it filtered through the trees.
Our bed was a blanket on the fallen brown, reds and golden leaves.

This time a gift of an engagement ring with a blue diamond
shined on my finger,
It sparkled with his love, which in my heart would always

Then the third September came and went without Zulio---
I was devastated,
Every day sitting on our blanket--–I waited.

The last day of September---his father came to tell me Zulio
had to marry another,
It was their law--- he had to obey their leader or die---but I
could marry his brother.
My tears inundated without an end,
His father left me crying and said: “Young hearts mend.”

My ring I still wear on a chain around my neck---waiting,
Because I know he will return for me---until then every September---I am hating.

Zulio----My Darling---I wait forever---anyway,
Until the day I look into your eyes of gray.

© BEPH 2014 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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