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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Her Red Lips Waiting

Red lips so full,
Waits for passion's pull,
Lips to be left sated, swollen,
and craving repeat,
Flowing like lava’s passion heat.
Finger tips touching through the screen door,
Until you return to love her more.
My Darling, she claims faithful I will be,
Unless, you set me free.
To roam and wonder,
Who put our love asunder?
What part of love remains?
It is not I, who proclaims,
That our love will forever be,
It is you my love, not me.
I have no time to speculate,
I will be late for my date.
Did you say wait?
Not for a gigolo do I hesitate.
You left the best-----me,
You can go for a long swim in the sea.

 His Lips She Said~

His lips so masterful and sweet,
Lips that’s always my defeat.
Lips from sweet love words do flow,
Lips that makes my very soul glow.
Lips that kisses life into me,
Lips that keeps me---not to flee.
Lips of promises silently made,
Time is a thief that steals our youth from us and we get older,
It boasts of time flying by as it gets bolder.
 Her Lips~
Her passionate lips can still kiss,
Maybe she is lacking the same bliss.
 Waist lines get wider,
It could be drinking spiked apple cider.
 If time does not truly fly---it has a fast trot,
It can leave you in a lurch or not.
 Age gracefully they say,
Who are these they people---she said-- no way.
Her mirror tells her each morning,
You are so adorning.
 And, it will stay,
Positive this way,
Her contact are not allowed when
she looks into her mirror,
So she only sees the beauty staring
back at her---it is much dearer.
She has many tricks to fool old mean ‘Time,’
Her creams and mudpacks are not a crime.
All the beauty tasks keep her looking the very best,
Even if some of her desire has left the nest.
 So~Time you may fall down a well,
Or you may~just go ring a bell.
 Because all the women of a certain age,
Count many words written on their page.
She has lived and will gladly shout,
Time has not touched me yet----this I doubt.
Now it is all in the mind as time slips by,
The unbelievers roll their eyes and cry.
It takes a strong person to grab time by the tail,
And, ride the ticking waves as time begins to sail.
Old age is for the strong and brave, not the frail of heart,
We are here to live a good life if we are smart.
Lips of strength---that do not fade.
His lips all through life,
His lips only kisses me his wife.
One last kiss before I die,
Will be mine forever, good-bye.

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of these poems and if they are seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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