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Monday, December 8, 2014

Until She Cried

She looked into his sea-green eyes,
Hoping his love for her was still alive

She cupped his handsome face in her hands,
She portrayed only her love---implying no demands.

She charted his face with her eyes of blue,
His hands were in her long blonde hair---then too.

She traced his lips,
With her silky-velvet fingertips.

She had to know if love still lived in his heart,
Before he left her---this time to be apart.

In the Twilight moments before it was dark,
She urgently looked-for---a tender spark.

She stood in the moonlight looking exquisitely forsaken,
She had only one heart to give---and it was taken.

She could heard his friend in the distance as they waited,
He knew this journey---she hated.

She knew his huge muscular body---had a heart inside,
Still he walked away---but none of her love died.

She tried to kiss his lips goodbye---but he turned his head,
Telling her their love was dead.

He gave her a quick look---then jumped on his bike,
She watched his Harley go out-of-sight---he and his friends were so alike.

She thought---I will never be his bride,
So dejected---she cuddle their baby closer to her side.

She was being strong---his jade eyes smiled looking up at her face,
She said--Mama will take care of you my darling---in this very place.

The baby cooed and smiled---until she cried,
For on this day a love had died.

In The later Years

Silence was reverent after the preacher prayed,
Lavender roses were softly placed on her coffin---now where she laid.

Her son was twenty now---very much of a man,
His jade eyes were shining with tears unshed---he
wiped them away with his huge hand.

In the shadows of a cherry tree---stood an older version of him,
A man whose jade eyes had not dimmed.

Everyone had left the grave site,
All but her son---he stood there until night.

The older man stayed in the dark shadows from the moon,
All night they stood---until the next day---it was noon.

Her son knelt and said, “Mama I will be back---I love you.”
Then the older man came forward and knelt too.

He asked her to forgive him for being a fool---then he cried in this quiet place,
Suddenly a warm soft breeze caressed his still handsome face---

Then he knew,
She had always loved him too.

Their son stood in the shadows watching his dad,
He had promised her forgiveness of him---but not now--- he was too sad.

They both walked out together---not a word was spoken,
They both knew her heart had been broken.

The older man got into his car,
He was tired and---his journey would be far.

Their son gave his dad a quick look---then jumped on his bike,
The father watched his son's Harley go out of site,

The last glimpse of his son would probably be his last---he sighed,

Until he cried.
PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of these poems and if they are seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

His Beautiful Eyes Follows Me

                       His Beautiful Eyes
With every movement I feel his eyes follow me,
inundating me with waves of adoration, pushing
against me--- like winds from an angry sea.
When I look ---he does not look away, his stare
is there to follow –it radiates my skin,
he loves me his eyes, my heart skips a beat,

then starts again.                                                                                    
When I walked near--- his eyes glow with love and I want to
embrace him and--- kiss all his fears away,
because he is my new son---now I am happy every day.
 As a mother my love is deep and true,
for my child---it is unconditionally heart to heart bound,
I kissed his tears away until he slumbered quietly without a
 I dread the day when another woman will take my son away in
My world will spin again when they bring my grandson to me
in a baby carriage.
 He makes every day a celebration in his baby way,
For me it is always “Mother’s Day.”
 © BEPH 2014 All Rights Reserved
PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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