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Monday, January 5, 2015

Adored By Him

Mary softly rubbed her baby bump,
And was reward with a kick that made her jump.

Where are you Michael she thought---as she 
watched the snowflakes fall without a sound,
Virginally white---each uniquely shaped---whirling 
around slowing landing on the frozen ground.

Michael left 6 months ago---to fly a mission over 
foreign soil,
Only two short letters came in months---thinking 
made her stomach recoil.

Alone in their little love nest of a home---she took 
his letters out,
She read the first one---as she rocked by the fireplace
—and she cried as she read what it was about.

It said:

My beautiful Sweetheart---time is standing still for me
---you are so far away,
My eyes are so lonely--- yearning to see your sweet face
---forever and a day.

This land is not like America---the people just survive from
 one day to the next,
It is like they expect only this---it is like they are hexed.

I read your letters over and again---they are my breath
---my life---my sin,
I feel your body in my mind---your silkiness so warm
---under my skin.

I sleep in your arms each night---the essence comes 
through my mind and wraps around me so protectively,
Your lips kiss me deeply as the night shadows fall
---my heart feels levity.

Your love surrounds me through the day,
And helps the ambiances prolong the stay.

What Heaven gave us---nothing can take 
away---in this world or not,
Our souls and hearts are bonded---fate has made
 its plot.

Take care my precious love---my heart is yours
--- to keep,
When earth is only---- dust particles in space
---love does not sleep.

Forever and always---I am truly yours,
Because it is you---my heart adores.

Love Forever and Always,

Mary rocked holding his letter next to heart
---and fell asleep,
Hours later she awoke in bed---confused she
 started to weep.

And in the room dashed a man in uniform
---with fear on his face,
Mary screamed and jumped into his arms
---this was her place.

My precious you are home---and I have
 a surprise--- for you,
I see your surprise--- and I pray his or 
her eyes--- are blue.

Then doing as all lovers do---made sweet love
---until they heard a mourning dove coo,
Mary and Michael together in bed---slept until 
the sun dried the early dew.

Then Michael said---Mary---May I have this dance
---he asked in his special way,
Have your forgotten my Sweetheart---it is Valentine Day.

Hearts of pure and true love intertwine,
Counting years together--- makes it all the sweeter
---like the finest of wine.

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

My September Lover

I’ll tell you of a time so long ago,

It was in the fall---before the freezing snow.

I walked through my parents’ back woods on
the farm,
 I’ve traveled the pathways many times---without
 fear or harm.

Colorful hues of leaves decorated the ground,
It proved impossible to walk without a sound.

The crunching leaves echoed beneath my feet,
Created a comforting noise---like personally to me
they greet.

A cool September breeze teased and tossed my
long blonde hair,
A warning sensation alerted my senses---I stopped
to stare.

There on the hilltop a man on a horse, stood silently
as a portrait in a frame,
His ebony hair curled over his collar, and his gray eyes
focused on me without shame.

No smile was present as far as I could see,
He began to move fast towards me.

I never felt fear until now---but I stood my ground,
And I watched him as he approached without a sound.

When he stopped, he called my name---Margareta---
then took my hand,
I looked into his eyes and saw where my future would be
----on another planet---with a desert of sand.

We met every day in September, our fall of the year,
He said: “I came to take you away with me, over the
mountains and many seas, we will fly through space in my ship.”
To always be with my lover Zulio from another time
made me deliriously happy to know he's always near.

He said three Septembers would be our courting time
before he was mine,
But he wanted to take me with him this time.

The months flew by----but not fast enough---until it was
September once more,
And there he was on the hill top waiting---the man I adore.

This September we spent in sharing our lives, we talked,
made love under the moonlight as it filtered through the trees.
Our bed was a blanket on the fallen brown, reds and golden leaves.

This time a gift of an engagement ring with a blue diamond
shined on my finger,
It sparkled with his love, which in my heart would always

Then the third September came and went without Zulio---
I was devastated,
Every day sitting on our blanket--–I waited.

The last day of September---his father came to tell me Zulio
had to marry another,
It was their law--- he had to obey their leader or die---but I
could marry his brother.
My tears inundated without an end,
His father left me crying and said: “Young hearts mend.”

My ring I still wear on a chain around my neck---waiting,
Because I know he will return for me---until then every September---I am hating.

Zulio----My Darling---I wait forever---anyway,
Until the day I look into your eyes of gray.

© BEPH 2014 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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