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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Memorizing Experience

Most of us know the type that catches our attention,

Some prefer tall dark and handsome bad boys---a few I could mention.

Whether in High School or college,

He made our hearts palpitate—and

sometimes we giggled---this is common knowledge.

Did yours look like Channing Tatum or Tom Selleck?

Whomever---your heart yearned for--- he was Angelic.

Was it his long legs, his biceps or his eyes that shines with admiration?

Or maybe his lips so full and masterful ---and you tasted them---with great appreciation.

Did he call you after your first date?

Or did you sit by the phone and wait?

Inconsideration has spread through our Nation,

The outbreak is epidemic---no cause for a celebration.

If this sounds like you,

Well---girlfriend this is what I do.

When a guy says---I will call you,

I say---I’m never home to answer---I coo.

So softly I say bye-bye,

I might see you on the fly.

If you want to see me---you will,

Until then fellow---you can just chill.

So many guys--- on campus,

Handsome---not doing tricks like a grampus.

Don’t give them the chance to think you are needy,

Nor, for a relationship---you are greedy.

Just be yourself and have fun,

And when it is over---it is simply done.

This is called experience---we all need it so,

Without it---you might settle for an unlovable beau.

© BEPH  2013 All Rights Reserved

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