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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Gladiator Mystic Warrior of my Daydreams

When one’s professional life is lived by rote,
And your love life seems remote.
Your head is ringing from a busy morning,
Rush, hurry, get it finished, blood pressure rising
---should be a warning.

I will divulge my secret but promise not to share,
Because this my office friends---is my clandestine 
daytime affair.

Do not take a coffee break,
Stay in your office for your
pleasure’s sake.

Close your eyes and take a
deep breath,
And let all your worries have a
sudden death.

Blow out your stress, and put a
smile on your face,
Because my elicit daydream will
make your heart race.

---You are there---
It is Twilight in the forest in a land far away,
And a new dawn is breaking, as the
sun bashfully appears---and between the
Major Oaks a wondrous sight is stealthfully
riding his mighty black steed on this foggy day.

His dark long shiny hair barely touches
his armor,
Blue eyes seriously searching all about
---as the filtering sunlight through the
trees rebounds as if to shout---I am a Charmer.

He comes here every day on my break,
To meet me for my sake.

I run to him in a long lacy lavender
day dress, he lifts me up and whirls me around,
With a passionate kiss that last until my
feet are on the ground.

His muscular arms so rippled with strength
---as he pulled me tight to his chest in an
armor less hug,
I could only smile and shrug.

“How are you today, my Darling?” he solicited,
I could not answer---just a staring pout as I elicited.

“My lips will find out what vexes my Precious today”
Then he kissed me to the grassy forest floor and I 
wanted much more---but time was over and I had 
to go away.

He stood so handsome and still showed his passionate
But he stood fast by his steed.

Watching as I ran back into the future to work,
Back to my office, messages, appointments, meetings
---it makes me irk.

This is my main office benefit----of an overactive mind
That will twist one’s worries into a dead vine.

The rest of the busy day cannot stress you out,
Because tonight this daydream---will give you another 

And in my nightly dreams he will appear,
Then stay all night---I have no fear.

Now what we need is a time machine,
So I can go back in time and be his Queen.

But for now---I can only boast,
My Gladiator/Warrior is the most.

Stress is not in my vocabulary,
I am waiting for the Time Machine---so we can marry.

There will be no other---no never---sometimes one may 
hear my screams,
I will wait forever, for My Gladiator mystic warrior of my 

© BEPH 2015 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

My September Lover

I’ll tell you of a time so long ago,

It was in the fall---before the freezing snow.

I walked through my parents’ back woods on
the farm,
 I’ve traveled the pathways many times---without
 fear or harm.

Colorful hues of leaves decorated the ground,
It proved impossible to walk without a sound.

The crunching leaves echoed beneath my feet,
Created a comforting noise---like personally to me
they greet.

A cool September breeze teased and tossed my
long blonde hair,
A warning sensation alerted my senses---I stopped
to stare.

There on the hilltop a man on a horse, stood silently
as a portrait in a frame,
His ebony hair curled over his collar, and his gray eyes
focused on me without shame.

No smile was present as far as I could see,
He began to move fast towards me.

I never felt fear until now---but I stood my ground,
And I watched him as he approached without a sound.

When he stopped, he called my name---Margareta---
then took my hand,
I looked into his eyes and saw where my future would be
----on another planet---with a desert of sand.

We met every day in September, our fall of the year,
He said: “I came to take you away with me, over the
mountains and many seas, we will fly through space in my ship.”
To always be with my lover Zulio from another time
made me deliriously happy to know he's always near.

He said three Septembers would be our courting time
before he was mine,
But he wanted to take me with him this time.

The months flew by----but not fast enough---until it was
September once more,
And there he was on the hill top waiting---the man I adore.

This September we spent in sharing our lives, we talked,
made love under the moonlight as it filtered through the trees.
Our bed was a blanket on the fallen brown, reds and golden leaves.

This time a gift of an engagement ring with a blue diamond
shined on my finger,
It sparkled with his love, which in my heart would always

Then the third September came and went without Zulio---
I was devastated,
Every day sitting on our blanket--–I waited.

The last day of September---his father came to tell me Zulio
had to marry another,
It was their law--- he had to obey their leader or die---but I
could marry his brother.
My tears inundated without an end,
His father left me crying and said: “Young hearts mend.”

My ring I still wear on a chain around my neck---waiting,
Because I know he will return for me---until then every September---I am hating.

Zulio----My Darling---I wait forever---anyway,
Until the day I look into your eyes of gray.

© BEPH 2014 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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