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Saturday, June 29, 2013

His Masterful Lips

 I hold his photo closely so I can see,

A perfect man who belonged to me.

Many times---I stared at---his flawless face,

He was dark and handsome with deep dimples in place.

My soft finger tips traced his full masterful lips,

His lips sent my mind in rotations and with their little nips.

His dimples I filled with kisses,

So long ago my mind reminisces.

Our time eons ago---seemed always in the fall,

Or was it the best of seasons---I can recall.

I remember his blue eyes with lights of green,

He made me feel like a beautiful queen.

He braided a crown of purple wildflowers,

I wore them on my head for hours.

Now they are crushed between my Bible’s pages,

I have kept them there---dry and brittle---for ages.

When the fall leaves swirl and flow,

In the cool breezes that blow.

My heart is for a moment sad,

While my mind recalls---what a great love we had.

I still walk through the mountain paths we shared,

And I sit upon the same rock---when your love for me
---you declared.

You loved to feel my face and how soft and smooth
my skin was then,

How you loved my hands and held them tightly---
as if to never let go---again.

So many moonlight kisses---I cannot count,

But I can feel each kiss still---but not the amount.

When you left that day in the early dawn,

We watched a doe feed with her fawn.

And you promised then---leaving meant ---happy returns,

For many years my heart waited---but it finally learns.

You left these mountains alive and well,

And you returned to me in a coffin---just a shell.

Now as I walk slowly to your grave---to sit a spell,

I wish all wars went straight to Hell.

If not the fighting---here you would be,

Sitting with me peacefully under our favorite tree.

But you cannot see or hear me now---anyway,

I will leave the purple wildflowers I brought this day.

Walk slowing into the light my darling---for I will be with you soon,

Then as young lovers we can dance and croon.

Life on earth is just a rehearsal,

It is the spirit world that is universal.

You are waiting for my spirit to rise and greet,

This is a real beginning---when we meet.

Kiss me then my love---and forever more,

It is you that I unashamedly adore.

His masterful lips,

That gave me little nips.

© BEPH 2013 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Memorizing Experience

Most of us know the type that catches our attention,

Some prefer tall dark and handsome bad boys---a few I could mention.

Whether in High School or college,

He made our hearts palpitate—and

sometimes we giggled---this is common knowledge.

Did yours look like Channing Tatum or Tom Selleck?

Whomever---your heart yearned for--- he was Angelic.

Was it his long legs, his biceps or his eyes that shines with admiration?

Or maybe his lips so full and masterful ---and you tasted them---with great appreciation.

Did he call you after your first date?

Or did you sit by the phone and wait?

Inconsideration has spread through our Nation,

The outbreak is epidemic---no cause for a celebration.

If this sounds like you,

Well---girlfriend this is what I do.

When a guy says---I will call you,

I say---I’m never home to answer---I coo.

So softly I say bye-bye,

I might see you on the fly.

If you want to see me---you will,

Until then fellow---you can just chill.

So many guys--- on campus,

Handsome---not doing tricks like a grampus.

Don’t give them the chance to think you are needy,

Nor, for a relationship---you are greedy.

Just be yourself and have fun,

And when it is over---it is simply done.

This is called experience---we all need it so,

Without it---you might settle for an unlovable beau.

© BEPH  2013 All Rights Reserved

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Do You Really Love Him?

First Meeting What you feel for him-----is it really "LOVE"?

Or is it infatuation? 

What is the difference you ask, and can you really know the difference?

Let's see if you really love him.

When you met--you could not stop starring, and the air that surrounded you crackled with chemistry,--- and was it so strong --other people stopped to look.

You could not move, and neither could he. Did you take a step towards him--slowly--and did he start towards you a little faster?     

What did you notice first? His face, his eyes, his lips, his teeth, or his body?

Did his voice thrill you when he spoke?

So, you are now dating and you are still asking yourself---Is it "Love" or am I  infatuated?

Have you decided yet?   

This is not something to be taken lightly, it is the most important life decision you will make concerning  "Love."     

I am such a romantic that I wrote a poem about how I felt about Love,when it happened so many years ago. I hope this it will help you to chose wisely.      

See if you  feel this way.                             

I wrote " I  Feel Your Lovein  July 5, 1993 

I can FEEL your presents when I walk into a room,
before my eyes can seek out yours.

When you look at me, I see tender LOVE in your eyes,
eyes that can become dark with molton passion, that warms
and brightens the darkest recesses of heart and soul.

I FEEL your hands touch my skin, their glorious caresses heals
my wounded spirit.

The warmth of your touch lasts for days, as my sensitive skin
records and replays it again and again, ...........for my pleasure.

I can FEEL your passionate kisses on my swollen lips for days,
as they skillfully promise a tender LOVE that will last to infinity.

Waves of ardent love ripples down my body, to wash away
...... any doubts or hurts.

I can FEEL the hard muscles in your strong arms as they embraced
my body, and enfolded me like steel bands. And I feel safe, as you
pulled me tight to your chest.

My soft feminine body is pressed against your hard, taut masculine frame,
....... my world is secure.

I can FEEL our hearts, beat as one. Our love is unique, and will last after
this earth is nonexistent, and is only dust particles in space, ......... we will
still FEEL our LOVE.     

And after all is said and done--I can simpifly the Love vs Infatuation.

This is my opinion only: Infatuation is the hook that catches you, and
love is the seed that grows.

Life together are the love branches that grows from that seed. .

And years of living and loving together, grow the mighty tree of Love.

© BEPH  2011

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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