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Monday, March 23, 2015

Wake Me with Your Lips Darling

Let the pages of an old sweetheart lie,
Leave the regrets in the past to die,
Make my body groan and never ask why,
Let your lips take me to the sky.

To kiss an Angel’s white plumage wing,
Your zeal makes my heart sing,
Please give me your love by spring,
Don’t just gift me with a diamond ring.

Lips that are trailing along my thigh,
Takes by breath---suddenly---created a sigh,
My lips are swollen and I want to cry,
Because around you I am a little shy.

If you care a little---just share,
When you smile my heart does care,
Our madness for each other is not a dare,
Look gently with your blue eyes---not stare.

Lift my spirit from the abyss,
Don’t leave me with just a passionate kiss,
Let my heart and soul make a final wish,
Just two wrapped bodies--soaring in a loving bliss.

So my Darling sleep a while-- then wake me with your lips,
Softly with tiny loving nips,
From our love nectar takes a few sips,
Toast to our future in paradise--- while planning our love trips.

As mortals we feast here for a short dine,
On this earth we live on a minuscule vine,
Although our life is sweeter than wine,
My love for you is intense and fine,

It feels so breathtaking---it is almost a crime.
My Darling kiss me awake in another time,
There are no minutes---just passionate sublime,
Wake me with your lips to hear our love chime.

Our magnificent love is not just a rhyme---
my Darling lost his heart to another

And I search for a new love---but find I cannot love any other.
He is not good enough for you---said my little brother.

I sit upon this rock overlooking the sea,
Praying the waves will bring him back to me,
What makes someone’s heart flee?

I see the angry dark sky over head,
I wonder if my Darling is lying in her bed.
It is not in me to wish her dead.

My heart skips two beats when a ship comes near,
I wait for him every day I fear,
I wish and wipe away a tear.

Another wants my hand in marriage,
He travels to me in a golden carriage,
Saying about my Darling he disparages.

What he does not know and I will not tell,
Only one love in my heart does dwell,
I cannot lie or I will go straight to Hell.

I watch the seagulls fishing for their meal,
The sea breeze blows against my body---if only sea salt could heal,
A broken heart---so I can again feel.

Ten years has passed and it is 1788,
If he returned now---my love still waits,
I dream I see him every night on the straits.

His ship is beached,
The shore he has reached,
But now he is my enemy that has breached.

The very walls of my heart and left his sword piercing into it,
While all my family is having a fit,
I just look into his blue eyes and continue to knit.

If nothing else I still will always be,
A true daughter of the sea,
And no man will ever know he has made my heart flee.

So I posted on all ships from the sea,
Attention: Lost Heart,

If found please bring it to me.
© BEPH  2012  All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this article and if it is seen anywhere 
else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent. 

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

His Masterful Lips

 I hold his photo closely so I can see,

A perfect man who belonged to me.

Many times---I stared at---his flawless face,

He was dark and handsome with deep dimples in place.

My soft finger tips traced his full masterful lips,

His lips sent my mind in rotations and with their little nips.

His dimples I filled with kisses,

So long ago my mind reminisces.

Our time eons ago---seemed always in the fall,

Or was it the best of seasons---I can recall.

I remember his blue eyes with lights of green,

He made me feel like a beautiful queen.

He braided a crown of purple wildflowers,

I wore them on my head for hours.

Now they are crushed between my Bible’s pages,

I have kept them there---dry and brittle---for ages.

When the fall leaves swirl and flow,

In the cool breezes that blow.

My heart is for a moment sad,

While my mind recalls---what a great love we had.

I still walk through the mountain paths we shared,

And I sit upon the same rock---when your love for me
---you declared.

You loved to feel my face and how soft and smooth
my skin was then,

How you loved my hands and held them tightly---
as if to never let go---again.

So many moonlight kisses---I cannot count,

But I can feel each kiss still---but not the amount.

When you left that day in the early dawn,

We watched a doe feed with her fawn.

And you promised then---leaving meant ---happy returns,

For many years my heart waited---but it finally learns.

You left these mountains alive and well,

And you returned to me in a coffin---just a shell.

Now as I walk slowly to your grave---to sit a spell,

I wish all wars went straight to Hell.

If not the fighting---here you would be,

Sitting with me peacefully under our favorite tree.

But you cannot see or hear me now---anyway,

I will leave the purple wildflowers I brought this day.

Walk slowing into the light my darling---for I will be with you soon,

Then as young lovers we can dance and croon.

Life on earth is just a rehearsal,

It is the spirit world that is universal.

You are waiting for my spirit to rise and greet,

This is a real beginning---when we meet.

Kiss me then my love---and forever more,

It is you that I unashamedly adore.

His masterful lips,

That gave me little nips.

© BEPH 2013 All Rights Reserved

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on
the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.

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