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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mister, Are You a Cowboy?

This poem is dedicated to all the Cowboys of American who help make this great Nation.

Mister, Are you a Cowboy? He asked the tall
man on his horse,
Yes, little man, I am of course.

The little fellow looked cold, because his little arms
were bare,
And the Cowboy could tell there was no one to care.

His clothes were rags and no shoes did he wear.
His big brown eyes all shiny with wonder,

As he patted the Cowboy’s big black horse named thunder.
The Cowboy’s blue eyes glistened with tears as he looked 
at the little arm that stuck out of----- what once was a sleeve,

“Please Mister Cowboy , stay a while, please don’t leave.”

“Where are you from, Son?” He asked as he glanced around the streets of town,

“I ran away from the orphanage.” Was his tearful reply as the little boy looked up without another sound.

He was light as a feather when the Cowboy put the skinny little body behind him,

“Well, hang on little man; we are going to my home.”And my name is Jim.

“My name is Zachary, but that is all I know,
Someone left me at the orphanage on the steps----in the snow.”

Years later, standing by a grave on the frozen Texas dirt,

Stood a tall handsome cowboy , who was hungry no more
--but now his heart hurt.

His twin sons three years old, stood proud and listening
------beside their Dad,
As he told the story of when he was--- just a lad.

And how God had given him a Cowboy Dad to love,

With tears streaming unchecked down his face, he looked above.

“God, take care of my Dad and give him his horse Thunder to ride,

this is a good man who always had my back, and stood by my side.”

“He will make all your Angel children happy riding with him and
Thunder, on your streets of gold,

Where children will always be warm and never cold.”

Amen, he said, and turned to take his sweet wife’s hand,

We will all meet you Mister Cowboy over in Glory land.

The twins dressed like little cowboys, walked slowly behind
their Mom and Dad,

They turned and waved to their precious Grandfather, and then
looked at each other, because they were sad.

On the tombstone was written, “Mister Cowboy Dad.”
 By the lonely graves they stood,
side-by- side- they made their stand,

Two carbon copies of a full grown man,

Hat in one hand and flowers in a vase in to
be placed in the sand.

And by another tombstone, stood a
newer one, it was true,but sad,
On the new tombstone it read, “Our Other Cowboy Dad.”

Around one twin’s legs were little arms wrapped so tight,
She held on to her daddy with all her might.

Until, a big muscled arm reached down to take the hand of
his child,
And bent down to speak softly in her ear, his rough voice he
made so tender and mild.

The other twin held a baby girl in his arms,
He cooed closely to the sweet face smiling back at him, with all
her mother’s charms.

When the sun started down, the twins left the sight,
With their children in hand, as they walked away, their
throats were tight.

So, from Heaven they hoped their Grandfather and father would see,
What great men and fathers they came to be.

PurvisBobbi44 is the sole author of this poem and if it is seen anywhere else on the Internet or in print it was taken without my consent.